João Almeida

For a long time I’ve a had a interested in photography, first as small curiosity when playing around with an old Yashica rangefinder a couple of decades ago, which became more serious with my first SLR camera: an old Nikon FM2n. Both of these cameras still work and are still in use. My passion for photography is mainly driven by my passion for travel, either in remote locations or discovering hidden places in my country or my hometown, and all photos reflect my perspective of my wanderings.

Travel has shaped my photography, first it was the companion and then the reason of my trips, but the term travel photography probably is too broad, in terms of photographic genre my work often shifted between street and landscape. With time things got less based on genres, my attention turned to subjects that interest me and pursuing longer photo projects.

Most of that work is available as stock photography and currently I’m represented by agencies like Alamy or age fotostock, although there’s a wider selection of photos for prints and licensing in the Archives section of this site. I’m also one of the founding members of the Light Travelers photo collective, a joint effort founded by myself with four talented Portuguese photographers to explore travel photography in it’s various forms and shapes.

Awards, publications and exhibits