João Pedro Almeida

Travel and Documentary Photographer

Photography entered his life still as a child, with the first photos being taken with an old Yashica rangefinder (a camera still functional today), and from there it was a slow and steady path until today. Travel eventually became the main drive of my photography, either in remote locations or discovering hidden places in my hometown Lisbon. Often alternating between street or landscape photography, while never fully committing to a specific genre, my main focus in the last years has been exploring and documenting people, places and how they interact with each other and their surroundings, in the form of rituals, traditions and even simple everyday life habits.

For the gearheads out there, this shift in my style also meant a change in my gear: for most of my photographic path I’ve used Nikon gear, my first SLR was a film, fully manual FM2n, and from there to many Nikon DSLR cameras; but the light weight and discreet appeal of mirrorless cameras make much more sense to the way I work now, that’s why currently I’m only using Fuji X gear.

Currently based in Lisbon, throughout the years many of my photos have been licensed to several media outlets, have worked on assigned and sold prints to private collections around the world. Most of that work is available as stock photography and currently I’m represented by agencies like old prints for private collections around the world. Alamy or age fotostock, and there’s a wider selection of photos for prints and licensing in the Archives section of this site.


Awards, publications and exhibits

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