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When more than a paragraph is needed to caption a photo

Eid Mubarak

© 2017 . All rights reserved.

After the hustle of buying a train ticket in New Delhi railway station, and despite knowing the tricks to avoid the touts trying to sell us a “cheap” vacation taxi, me and Fernando headed to Old Delhi for the afternoon, … Continue reading

Who steals your photos?!

© 2012 . All rights reserved.

Using reverse image search engines to find your photos online and track unauthorized usage. Having your photos exposed on online galleries is a great way to improve yourself as a photographer, for having your work visible and available to other … Continue reading

Narrow minded

© 2009 . All rights reserved.

Lately my eyes, and my brain, have been seeing too much in wide-angle mode, with the expected result of boring, cliche and repetitive photos. It’s time to change and force myself to narrow my perspective to see things differently.